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Enclosure – Strip Curtains

Enclosure – Strip Curtains


Strip Curtain Enclosures are ideal for surrounding a work area that produces flying sparks, welding arcs, or dust. The enclosure is free-standing and can feature 2, 3 or 4 sides depending on your application. The welding enclosure features tinted strip curtains which block harmful UV rays. Sanding enclosures and grinding enclosures utilize clear PVC strips to allow a clear line of sight.


  • Contain dust and sparks which are unsafe and dirty
  • Allows quick access by walking through the strip curtains
  • Any configuration is possible with the modular framework
  • Tined strip curtains can be used for welding strip curtain enclosures
  • Easy to move to other locations should your application change

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Strip Curtain Enclosure Configurations

Your sanding enclosures, grinding enclosures, or welding enclosures can be configured as a 2,3, 4 or multi-sided enclosure. The galvanized steel or stainless steel construction is quick to assemble and can accommodate any width and almost any height. The base floor plates can be anchored to the floor for taller strip curtain enclosures, or let un-anchored for smaller booths.



Enclosure Strip Curtain Material

strip-curtain-enclosure-material There are several different strip curtain materials for you to choose from based on your application. For instance, a welding enclosure will required tinted pvc strip curtains to block harmful UV light. Sanding booth enclosures and grinding booth enclosures will require only a standard flat PVC strip material.

  • Strip Widths – Range from 4" to 24" wide
  • Strip Thickness – Ranges from .060" to .120" thick
  • Replacement Strips – Are quick and inexpensive for damaged strips

Common Applications

strip-curtain-booth There are many applications which could utilize our line of strip curtain enclosures and strip curtain booths. Below are some of the more common uses.

  • Welding booth enclosures – Contain welding sparks and fumes
  • Welding booth partitions – Separate multi-weld stations
  • Laser welding enclosure – Contain laser weld rays
  • Sanding enclosures – Control dust for migrating with a ceiling on the enclosure
  • Industrial sanding booths – Can be used for multi-station sanding processes

In addition to these applications there are many other uses such as a dust containment booth for any dust creation activities. The enclosure can feature a clear 20mil vinyl ceiling which will not allow dust particles or sparks to migrate outside.


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