Heavy-Duty Industrial Strip Curtain Doors

by dennis on December 23, 2011

heavy duty strip curtains Are you looking for a heavy-duty strip curtain solution to separate high-traffic areas that experience heavy equipment such as forklifts? Do you want to avoid the injury, insulation, cost, and time required from a traditional hinge door? AKON’s curtain strip doors offer a quick, inexpensive, and lasting alternative, and can be used in the most intense working environments.

Heavy Duty Strip Design

heavy duty strip doorStrip doors work by providing a solid barrier when at rest by overlapping numerous PVC strips. These strips are easily moved by workers, trolleys, and forklifts, but they will remain closed against wind gusts and debris.

16"-wide strips are solid, impact-resistant PVC strips that are designed to be constantly struck by humans and machinery such as forklifts.

Depending on your preferred level of insulation, these strips can overlap anywhere from 33% to 100% of their width, assuring a quality seal when nothing is moving through the entranceway. A lower percentage of overlap will allow the strips to move more easily, whereas higher overlap provides a stiffer, more insulated surface.

Raised ribbing is available to reduce scratching and prolong curtain life. These raised edges become the contact point with anyone or anything moving through the passage and prevent the body of the strip from excessive wear and tear. This makes the heavy duty strip curtain door ideal for industrial applications including warehouses and assembly plants which have a lot of motorized traffic.

Excellent Alternative

Covering large passageways with traditional hinge doors is a real hassle: the doors cost a bundle to ship, even more to purchase, and require time and equipment to install. Once they’re in place, hinge doors present a number of problems–their design requires opening and closing, which is certainly difficult when patrons have their hands full or are operating a vehicle. Doors are often left open by busy workers and therefore serve no purpose. Strip doors require no hands to enter, cannot be left open, are inexpensive to purchase, and install in minutes!

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