Industrial Strip Curtains

by dennis on January 2, 2012


AKON supplies major manufacturing facilities with industrial strip curtains and warehouse strip doors. These plastic strip curtains are an ideal solution for allowing forklift traffic and people through while dividing temperature zones and dust creating processes. Below you can see some additional befits and applications.

Climate Control

Covering areas that separate indoor and outdoor areas can save on heating and cooling costs by keeping heat and cold where it’s supposed to be. At the same time, warehouse door curtains are easily pushed out of the way by any equipment or workers traveling through them, making passage a simple hands-free process–ideal for places where workers carry heavy loads. These are ideal for passages that are not covered or often need to be left open, such as loading docks.

Dust & Debris Control

warehouse strip doors Workplaces get dirty–that’s a fact. But you can limit how far dust and debris travel by separating work areas with industrial strip curtains. Reducing the area of dust contamination makes cleaning easier and keeps other areas looking clean and orderly–something you want if you have customers in an office area connected to a stocking or manufacturing floor. Plastic strip curtains for industrial factories are designed with features which will allow them to last longer and be replaced quicker.

Identifying Hazards

Because AKON’s line of industrial pvc strip curtains are available in many colors including opaque, translucent, and semi-translucent varieties, they are useful for quick and easy identification of various rooms and their purposes. Different colors can identify areas for different items to be stored, for instance chemicals that are dangerous to be kept together.

Different colors can identify entrances and exits to avoid collisions between individuals or equipment. Strip doors with orange outlines can advise individuals to dangerous areas or the drop-off of a loading dock.

Cooler Strip Curtains

Industrial Strip curtains can effectively prevent 75% of atmospheric contamination and therefore keep your walk-in cooler areas cold while still making traffic and restocking a breeze. The low-cost of installation and purchase, as well as the increased insulation, will save lots of time and money!

Traditional doors are easily left open by busy staff and causes massive increases in cooling use. They can also be dangerous if opened or closed when there’s someone on the other side. Plastic cooler curtains allow a clear line of sight which increases safety. AKON can help you choose an industrial strip curtain quickly based on your safety and application needs.

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