Industrial Strip Doors

by dennis on December 21, 2011

Industrial-Strip-Doors AKON industrial strip doors are designed as a lightweight, flexible, inexpensive, and effective partition between areas. These PVC strip curtains are effective in workspaces, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and food service, storage, and myriad other applications.

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What are industrial strip curtain doors?

Curtain strip doors are barriers that serve as a doorway, but are made up of overlapping, flat sheets of PVC that obstruct unwanted snooping, reduce temperature or debris contamination, and keep areas clearly separated. These sheets are held in place by being mounted at the top and hang freely across the passageway requiring a barrier. Their appearance resembles sliding curtains for a wide window. They are available in clear, tinted, or opaque varieties depending on your preference.

What is the advantage of strip doors?

Industrial Strip CurtainThere are a number of reasons to choose industrial strip doors over more traditional barriers, such as hinge doors. For one, industrial plastic door curtains are less expensive–both to purchase and to ship. The barrier is comprised of over a dozen strips between 8″ and 16″ wide and as high as needed for the passageway, allowing for inexpensive shipping. These PVC strips are long lasting but still far less expensive to replace than a heavy hinge door.

Strip doors also open and close automatically based on pressure from a person or vehicle breaking the barrier, and the force of gravity immediately returns them to their resting position. Rather than busy workers constantly putting down their loads to grab a handle or hit an automatic button, strip doors can simply be walked through. And unlike swinging hinge doors, there is far less possibility of injury by hitting someone on the opposite side of the barrier.

What options are available?

Strip doors for industrial applications come in a variety of widths, thicknesses, colors, and structural designs to suit your individual needs. Strip doors to dangerous areas, such as manufacturing, high temperatures, UV light, or drop offs, can also be outfitted with orange tips.

Heavy duty designs come with “ribbing”–raised strips on each piece of PVC that impact whatever is passing through the curtain. This removes the majority of the curtain strip from contact and extends its life. This design is ideal for industrial plastic door curtains that will experience traffic from forklifts and other machinery.

Kits are available with everything you need to your specifications, or you can purchase the mounting kits and bulk PVC roles separately. There are a number of mounting options for any type of door frame.

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