Strip Door Materials


Smooth PVC Strips

The smooth PVC strips are the most common and most economical of all strip curtains. These strips are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. They have a temperature range from 0°F to +150°F.

Low Temp USDA PVC Strips

The Low-Temp USDA Strips are ideal for freezers, coolers and winter conditions. These PVC Strips remain flexible and better resist cracking in these extreme temperatures. They are good for temperatures from -40°F to +140°F.

Low Temp Reinforced USDA PVC Strips

The Low-Temp Reinforced USDA Strips are also ideal for freezers, coolers and winter conditions. However, these strips include a nylon string to keep the strips from elongating in large door openings. They are also good for temperatures from -40°F to +140°F.

Welding PVC Strips

Welding PVC Strips are used for any area where welding is taking place. These tinted pvc strips block harmful UV rays which can damage human vision.

Insect PVC Strip Curtains

Insect PVC Strips are yellow and block the light sources inside of your building that attract insects. These yellow strips can also be used as welding strip curtains due to their non-see through design.

Anti-Static PVC Strips

Anti-static PVC strips are extruded with a coating that dissipates electrical charge. These anti-static strips meet the discharge guidelines of the Federal Standard ST.101C. Commonly used in cleanrooms.

Frosted PVC Strips

Frosted PVC strips are common in locations where you want to allow light in while maintaining some privacy. The frosted design makes it only possible to make out shapes on the other side.

Colored PVC Strips

Colored PVC strips are just like standard flat strips with the addition of color to "brighten up" your work areas or increase privacy.