Welding Strip Door Curtains


Welding Strip Door Curtains

The last consideration is the overlap of the vinyl strip curtain door. When you click the request for quote button below we will determine this for you. However as a general rule this is how we decide on the strip door overlap.


  • Maintain a cleaner and safer work environment.
  • Contain welding sparks with the pvc welding strip doors.
  • Block harmful ultra violet rays with the special tinted vinyl strips.
  • Contain noise pollution by forming a sound barrier.
  • Several color options that you can choose from.

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Welding Strip Door Mounting Options

There are several options for mounting your weld screen strip doors. You can choose from fixed non-moving curtains or sliding tracks that move the PVC curtains completely out of the way. The hardware can also comes be made from stainless steel, aluminum or galvanized steel.



PVC Weld Strip Materials

Weld Strip Curtains are essentially standard pvc strip curtains but with a special tint that blocks the ultra violet rays. These tinted weld curtains protect against the UV light from arc welding. However, proper eye protection should be used for direct viewing of welding even through these strips.

The welding screen strips are formulated with UV absorber to absorb and protect your from hazardous UV rays. The strips are designed for 10 to 150 degree F operation. The vinyl welding curtain comes in strips of 8", 12", 16", and 48" strips.

  • Amber Weld Strips – Ideal for all arc welding with a smooth finish
  • Aztec Red Strips – Ideal for all arc welding with a smooth finish


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